Ta Ta For Now!

Illustration by Robert Samuel Hanson for Monocle magazine, via storybrands.blogspot.co.uk

Off we go tonight, into the wild blue yonder! My little family and I are off eastwards to stay with my dad, to an equatorial city-state island where we will spend our quality time wilting and rehydrating in the oppressive humidity – and also having a big, wonderful, colourful, tropical adventure. While we’re there we’ll be celebrating the island’s 50th birthday with fireworks and champagne, too!

Shophouses in Koon Seng, image via commons.wikimedia.org

As last summer, this means I won’t have the time or inclination for any blogging until late August (and I may be too jet lagged to be bothered even then!).

I recognise this is the prime moment in the year when people might want to know about things to do with their kids in and near Lewes, but since this is a personal blog and not an organisation, company or service, it’s only productive when I am. But besides, I’m guessing as fellow parents you understand that I don’t want to go anywhere near a computer when on my annual family hols!

There is, however, plenty to delve into on the site, so go ahead and explore the categories to find the best of it. I hope you find some things you like there… As always I love to receive your emails and comments.

Have a great summer, and thanks for reading and supporting Little Lewes.

Kate x

My Holiday Reads (If I Can Sit Down Long Enough)


So the holidays are near enough now to think about things like insurance, currency, airport parking and…reading!

This is the FIRST YEAR in SEVEN that there is a faint possibility my husband and I may be able to sit on a pair of sun loungers and ACTUALLY READ A WHOLE PAGE, nigh perhaps even a whole book, while on holiday. Our younger son just left the baby stage and I have sold my soul to many devils this past year, taking on work I don’t feel great about to pay for swimming lessons.
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Food for the Fam: Roast Tomato Sauce for Idiots

The pizza I made with my tomato sauce and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s perfect pizza dough recipe

Poor little neglected blog. It happens every year – it’s the summer and there’s so much to say about all there is to do out in that glorious sunshine, but I’m three weeks from a three-week holiday and am overloaded on all fronts.

Still, I have time enough to admit that I’m a twat. (I’ll use that word because someone on Instagram applauded me for describing myself as one just last night!). I have never realised how easy it is to make your own tomato sauce – the passata sieved kind. I’ve just always unthinkingly added it to my supermarket basket as you do – or at least, as I do.

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Review, Interview and GIVEAWAY: Will Mabbit, author of ‘The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones’, interviewed by daughter Tilly Brookes


Post update 26 Aug 2015: Congratulations to Nicola Furner, Natasha Caughey and Lorna Stagg for winning a copy each of Will Mabbitt’s ‘The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones’. Enjoy it! 

Big news: two weeks ago a BIG story about a little girl who is ‘NOT SCARED of ANYTHING!’ was published. The little girl is Mabel Jones, and her story starts when she unwittingly performs ‘The Deed’ and is ported into the weird world of the animal pirates of the Feroshus Maggot, a ship whose captain is a wolf called Idryss Ebenezer Split.

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones‘ was written by my friend Will Mabbitt, Lewes resident and father of two girls. It came to be after Will made better use of his commute than playing Candy Crush or watching Breaking Bad, instead writing a story for his older daughter Tilly.

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