Colouring In for Christmas


There are just two more days until Christmas, so although this is a little late, it’s still relevant!

The lovely Marcus Walters, illustrator and graphic artist extraordinaire, today sent me two ‘Colour In Christmas Sacks‘ as a thank-you for the couple of times I’ve pointed you in his direction on this blog, via posts about Popsicle and #lewes4xmas.

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Call for Knowledge: Snowy Days in Lewes


Image from ‘The Snowy Day’ by Ezra Jack Keats

Help me readers, do!

I want to know what you love to do when it snows in Lewes. I can’t claim to be any kind of expert on EVERYTHING to do with kids in Lewes, and we live in a town of hills – there must be so many great ones out there for a day on a sledge.

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Village Playgrounds (and Pubs) for Easy Christmas Jaunts from Lewes with Kids


This is so obvious it’s actually daft to write it, but I won’t be posting much over the coming couple of weeks due to being hungover and half-dead from the battle of putting boundaries back in place following the overload of presents and sugar that’s ahead of us.

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Easy Kids Christmas Craft: Handmade Cocktail Coasters


Let’s all admit what Christmas is really about: drinking. So last week when my sometimes-daughter was over, we made some (VERY SIMPLE) coasters. A cinch to make after school, these Fimo-and-glitter beauties will lift the festive fog from too much grog, and add a little charm to that glass of champagne (you know, the one your hangover’s telling you shouldn’t look so good).

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Touching Words by Maurice Sendak to See Us Through Christmas + Beyond


Image via

This time of year can really get on top of you. And worse, as someone reminded me at the school gate yesterday, “the Christmas holidays don’t count as holidays, because you come back more tired than before them.” Urgh, she’s so right.

Except this year I want to try to make that not count for me and us. I really don’t want another stressful Christmas. It helps that we’re doing it our way, and having mini Christmasses in the lead-up with our families, so that we can have the day itself to ourselves for the first time. That’s not to say we don’t love our families, it’s just nice for one year not to host anything, or to travel anywhere.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I was clearing out my inbox a few days ago and came across an email from my husband, who as an illustrator is pretty plugged into what people in the creative industry are doing, watching and talking about online.

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