Curiosity on the Beach: Seaford Museum, The Martello Tower, East Sussex


A few weeks ago my husband had to work on a Sunday. It was sort of sunny, but sort of cloudy and, by the time my sons and I reached Seaford beach, really really windy.


I’ve given Seaford quite a bit of airtime lately, with is nice, child-friendly eating experiences at The Front Room and Frankie’s Beach Café. But there are great things out of sight here too.

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Food for the Fam: Anna Jones’s Coconut Vanilla Loaf from ‘A Modern Way to Eat’ (Slightly Adapted)


I exaggerate not that during the Easter school holidays I baked this cake four times – three of those times was within one week, two of those times was at either end of one day. Each time it lasted less than 24 hours.

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Incoming Soon: Holiday Clubs in and near Lewes, East Sussex


Image copyright Art of Dance

As happens in the lead-up to any holiday and half term – not just summer ones – the post I wrote two years ago about all the school holiday clubs, programmes, courses and activities in and near Lewes is getting a lot of traffic (heh heh, I’m spying on you in the back end of my site…).

So I thought I’d give you a heads-up that another one of those epic listings posts is coming this summer, all updated and full of info, dates, times and prices about school holiday clubs to fill your children’s summers with the good stuff.

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Waiting Time: HEMA, Victoria Station, London

You’ve run across London to get the 19.16 and missed it
by two seconds. You’ve got half an hour to kill but want to avoid indulging in the cans of pre-mixed pina colada and imitation Whispas in M&S for the journey. I know, hard to know where next to shift your focus.

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The Last Days of Blue: Arlington Bluebell Walk at Beatons Wood, Sussex (and some other woods, too)


Yesterday my youngest child and I celebrated our birthdays (he has been one of my greatest gifts – literally!) and while he chose which birthday cake we had for our birthday breakfast party, I got to choose what we’d do for the day (he gets a bash later this week and I don’t, so I think fair dos).

I decided on a bluebell woodland walk as Instagram’s never ending stream of blossom pictures have latterly been replaced by kids scampering through shady spaces carpeted with purple.
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