Guest Post: Weave a Wonder Box – Easy Craft ‘Makes’ for Kids by The Artworks


I’m so excited to start what’s going to be a new Little Lewes partnership with The Artworks, a playful, inspiring holiday and half term art activity club for kids run by Julie McLaren and Clare O’leary (see bottom of post for all the details of this half term’s planned fun!). My older son has done a couple of Artworks sessions and has always come back with beautiful things that I want to frame. I know they’re a good fit for Little Lewes.

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Sussex Coastal Culture Trail: The De La Warr Pavilion and Beach at Bexhill-on-Sea (And the Upcoming ‘Ladybird by Design’ Exhibition)


Weren’t the few days of crisp sunshine between Christmas and New Year such a respite from the sedentary, food-filled few days either side? Charged with energy by the orangey sunshine and sharp focus of everything, my very dear friend (and mother of my sometimes-daughters), and I headed down to Bexhill-on-Sea with our children, leaving our other halves to fester at their desks.

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Free and Easy: Shoreham (or Brighton City) Airport, Shoreham, West Sussex


Shoreham Airport – now rebranded Brighton City Airport – is one of my top free recommends. Twenty minutes’ or so drive up the A27, it’s a super easy jaunt, and one that’s great if you want to just blow away the cobwebs for an hour, rather than have a whole day’s activity. This past weekend, when there was but two hours of dryness and a peep of blue sky on Saturday afternoon, the kids and I jumped in the car and headed over, because my older son is learning about airplanes at school this term.

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Food for the Fam: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sweet Potato + Five Spice Muffins (Slightly Adapted)


The key ingredient in these muffins: roasted and mashed sweet potato

I’m going to kick off this recipe help/swap idea and start the ‘Food for the Fam’ series with a recipe I’ve transparently adapted (nicked) from Gwyneth Paltrow’s wholesome cookbook ‘It’s All Good‘. Yes, I know she’s vile to some, but the book is great and there’s even a few things – banana ice cream, marinated tofu, banana pancakes – that the fussy one will eat (or did at last try). Plus it holds the recipe for totally delicious no-deep-fry fish tacos, which is our grown-up treat dinner most weekends. Everything is gluten- and sugar-free too. Helps.

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Lunch with Your Bunch: The Front Room, Seaford Old Town, Sussex (and a Secret Place to Play)


I should have written this post a year ago, when we first went to The Front Room in Seaford having been tipped off by a friend. That day last January, we were BLOWN away on the beach, and then BLOWN away by the café’s mega croque monsieur, the like of which I’ve never eaten before or since, not even in France.

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