Guest Post: Food for the Fam – Mugs Gohl’s Chicken curry with lentils (and whatever vegetables you want to sneak in)


I said other voices would be coming through on the blog while I have a break from it, and indeed I wasn’t lying. So without further ado, here’s a most excellent and simple ‘Food for the Fam’ recipe by one of my loveliest readers, Mugs Gohl.

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Going dark

Students 1920-1950 (10)

I need to find me some balance Image via

Hi Little Lewes readers,

So I’ve decided to take a break. I don’t know for how long yet, but for a couple of months at least. I have two brilliant and twinkly children who I want to be more present with, all while my demanding job is undergoing big changes as of this week, which could cause me to have more on the work plate than I have before. I need to make some space for both.

It’s only me who’s going dark – there’ll be other voices coming through the blog, because I’ll publish some of the lovely guest posts waiting in the wings that people have written for me – and thank you so so VERY much guest posters for doing that. It’ll at least keep some fresh content coming in the next couple of months.

But at least until the end of April, maybe beyond, I need some time out. I’ll probably be back because the blog is a hugely rewarding creative outlet for me, but I’m not making any decisions because right now it’s just adding to the overwhelm.

So sorry to those of you who’ve signed up to receive my missives, and thank you to you for reading or just dipping into Little Lewes – and to everyone else who searches for, finds and likes some of what you find here. You’re all great.

Signing out,

Kate x

PS. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for Little Lewes, just get in touch through the Contact page.

Interview: Children’s illustrator Sarah Dyer on ‘The Book of Things’

Post updated13/02/15: Congratulations to Kate Malbon, Lisa Wheeler and Seonid Beecham for winning the three copies of ‘The Book of Things’! 


Last week I published our review of Sarah Dyer’s ‘The Book of Things’. I emailed Sarah an interview ahead of that, but my review ended up so long, I thought I’d publish her answers separately. Here is some background info on the inspiration behind and reason for being, of ‘The Book of Things‘ from its creator, who lives and works in Hove, Sussex with her husband Ben and two young sons Stanley and Ned.

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Lunch with Your Bunch: Marmalade, Kemptown, Brighton


As I mentioned in my post about the Giles Leisure hot tub/swim spa (have you entered the comp yet?), my son broke a limb in November. We’ve spent a bit of time at the (fabulous) Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton, because it turns out bones heal slower in winter due to children absorbing less vitamin D from being indoors more. [Side note: the paediatric orthopaedic surgeon told us about a sharp rise in rickets cases in British children because, depressingly, they’re inside on iPads instead of outside playing. Someone shoot me now.]

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Family hot-tubbing at Giles Leisure Hydrotherapy Centre, Lewes (and a competition to WIN a private bubbly dip!)

Post updated 16/02/15: Congratulations to Carly Steltner for winning the family swim spa session at Giles Leisure Hydrotherapy Centre, hands-down the most entered competition on Little Lewes! Carly’s name was picked out of a hat by my youngest son, but I’m so pleased the prize is going to her as she mentioned in her entry that she and her father suffer with joint conditions and that the warm water would be very soothing for them. Enjoy it Carly!

OFFER: For those who didn’t win (and anyone else – you don’t have to have entered to qualify for this!) Tom at Giles Leisure is running an introductory offer of £20 (instead of £25) for two adults for a 45-minute session in the hot tub/swim spa. Accompanying children go free!IMG_2343

The amazing new hot tub (‘swim spa!’) in full bubbly flow at Giles Leisure Hydrotherapy Centre

I didn’t tell you this, but about a week after we got the bunk beds, my eldest fell from the top one and broke a limb. Badly. So we’re a cliché. He’s been in cast for 10 weeks and last Friday was the BIG removal. And what did he want to do first over all other formerly forbidden activities? Go swimming.

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