Their Dog

Right, as of this morning’s school run, I have officially had enough. I have a problem: I’m really sick of walking anywhere in the otherwise beautiful town of Lewes and having to dodge dog shit. Please don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love dogs, and we would dearly love to have one one day, but I wish that the few dog owners in Lewes that are giving dog owners a bad name would do the responsible thing and clean up after their wonderful animals.

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Easy Camping and Good-for-Them Pizza

A couple of weekends back some girlfriends and I took our kids to
Canfields, a Feather Down Farm in Horsham, West Sussex, for a weekend of ‘glamping’ (I dread this word, as I mentioned in my post 18 months or so ago about Mount Harry near Lewes, so as then I would rather here describe it as ‘camping with comfort’).


This was a chance for us to get together with a seven-year-old, a triumvirate of three-year-olds and an 18-month-old in a situation that has all the opportunity for the kids to go feral, but was less stress on the mothers thanks to the warmth of woodburning stoves, the convenience of a flushing loo (with three potty-training kids, this was a big plus), running water, and no tents to pitch. For me it was also a chance to take my boys camping solo, and possibly – only possibly – to look a little cool in their eyes.

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Rich Shades + New Shapes: AW15 from Magnificent Stanley (Paired with Amy & Ivor’s Soft Toddler Shoes)


Have you seen the new AW range from Magnificent Stanley, the Lewes-based creator of bespoke Liberty-lettered tees? Seasonal rich, deep maroon and soft, soft grey are added to the existing palette of navy, white and bright poppy red (amazing for Christmas), with new Liberty fabrics for the letters and numbers that tone in.

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Food for the Fam: Homemade Ovenbaked Chips


Another recipe that you all no doubt know: homemade oven baked chips. They’re so easy it is almost criminal to write them up, but I’m going to anyway because while we were away this summer, I made them for a friend’s kids and she (and they) were marvelling over them. What I like about them is they require only scrubbing, cutting up, rinsing, patting dry, laying on a tray, and then baking. No par-boiling and I don’t even turn mine.

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